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Case Results

  • City of Maple Valley v. E.L. (ASSAULT DV CHARGED DISMISSED)

    Prosecutor agreed to dismiss case after significant negotiation with defense counsel. Read On


    DUI Charge (.13 Breath Test) dismissed after matter set for trial & motions filed. Read On

  • City of Seattle v. John Doe (DUI CHARGE DISMISSED)

    Client hired Veitch Ault & Associates after being arrested for DUI & providing breath test samples of .13/.14. Read On


    Client was stopped after a Snohomish County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) deputy allegedly observed client's vehicle traveling outside its designated lane of travel on the freeway. After advising the law enforcement officer that no alcohol had been consumed, a Washington State Patrol (WSP) trooper responded to the scene and asked our client to perform voluntary Field Sobriety Tests.............. Read On


    Client was stopped by a Washington State Patrol (WSP) trooper for traveling in excess of 15 mph over the speed limit on Northbound I-5 in King County. After admitting to having consumed a few drinks and agreeing to perform voluntary Field Sobriety Tests, client was arrested for DUI and transported to a WSP precinct. Read On


    Client had allegedly hit another vehicle and failed to remain at the scene & exchange information. Read On


    Client was charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine) in Superior Court. The illegal drugs had been discovered on client's person pursuant to law enforcement's use of a warrant. Client had previously been convicted of 5 Felonies (each occurring on different dates). After extensive investigation and negotiation, the prosecutor conceded that the warrant wasn't properly executed, and agreed that a judge would likely suppress all subsequently obtained evidence. Thus, the State dismissed what would have been client's 6th Felony conviction. Read On


    NOT GUILTY after trial. Snohomish County South Division-Lynnwood. Second Offense with an alleged refusal to submit to a breath test. Defendant found sleeping in the drivers seat on an I5 offramp. Read On

  • State v. S.A. (.28 DUI amended & Won DOL)

    BAC was above .28.  At Motions hearing, defense counsel argued that the trooper who initially made contact with the defendant unlawfully detained him.  After the Motions hearing, the judge wanted to take a day to make his ruling.  Prior to such, the State agreed to amend the case to Reckless Enda... Read On

  • City of Oak Harbor v. A.S. (DUI Amended to Negligent Driving and won DOL hearing)

    Defendant was pulled over after a civilian reported that the defendant was driving erratically over Deception Pass.  The defendant’s breath test came back at .30.  After filing motions, the prosecutor agreed to amend the charge to Negligent Driving with no jail. Read On

  • State v. T.J. (2 Separate DUI Charges Reduced to DUI)

    Breath test levels in both cases were in excess of two times the legal limit.  Further, these two arrests occurred within one year of each other.  Defense counsel was able to avoid a DUI Conviction and obtain Reckless Driving resolutions in both cases. Read On

  • City of Seattle v. T. D. (CASE DISMISSED)

    Seattle Municipal Court DISMISSED Second Offense with an alleged refusal to submit to a breath test. Case was dismissed after litigating pretrial motions for violation of Speedy Trial. Read On

  • City of Issaquah v. J.H.: BOTH CHARGES DISMISSED

    Resisting Arrest/Disorderly Conduct were eventually dismissed on the prosecutor’s motion after negotiation with defense counsel. Read On

  • State v. T.L. (CASE DISMISSED)

    Snohomish County-South Division Lynnwood DISMISSED-Accident case with .21 blood result and one prior offense. Case was dismissed after motion hearing for lack of probable cause to arrest and suppression of blood results. Read On

  • City of Bellevue v A.B. (NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL )

    Not Guilty after trial.  Bellevue District Court.  Breath test was deemed inadmissible after defense attorney successfully argued motion to suppress.  On cross-examination at trial, the arresting officer eventually admitted to the jury that the defendant performed fairly well on field sobriety te... Read On

  • City of Bellevue v. H.H. (NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL)

    NOT GUILTY after trial. Bellevue District Court. First Offense with an alleged refusal to submit to a breath test. Officer did a very poor job of conducting the FST's and had to admit she was unaware of how to properly conduct and evaluate these at the time of arrest. DOL revocation dismissed as well. Read On

  • City of Ellensburg v. P.I. (DUI Amended to Traffic Ticket & No DOL Suspension)

    Prosecutor agreed to amend DUI charge to a inraction of Negligent Driving 2nd Degree after convincing the City Attorney that the breath test had not been administered properly. Read On

  • City of Puyallup v. B.B. (DUI Amended to Traffic Ticket & DOL Dismissed)

    Puyallup Municipal Court.  DUI amended to Minor DUI after defense counsel filed motions contesting the stop of B.B.’s vehicle. Read On

  • City of Bellevue v. M.K. (CASE DISMISSED)

    DISMISSED by Bellevue Municipal Court. First offense .13 that the City would not negotiate. Case was referred to us by another attorney who could not find a way to help the defendant. Case was dismissed after litigating pretrial motions for violation of the Defendant's right to a Speedy Trial. DO... Read On

  • City of Maple Valley v. J.H. (Enumclaw Municipal Court-CASE DISMISSED)

    Accident case where after very lengthy negotiations, Attorney Ault was able to convince the Prosecutor that he would have a difficult time putting J.H. behind the wheel. The prosecutor for the City ultimately agreed and voluntarily dismissed this case prior to motions. Read On

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