Washington State DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers


  • Best referral EVER.
    I was referred to Robert by another attorney when looking to see if he could help with a situation I found myself in. I made a terrible mistake and a bad choice during a difficult time in my life and the result left me feeling at the end. In my initial meeting with Robert, he not only talked me off the ledge but he got me started down the path of resolving the issue. Despite the situation, and the absolutely terrible set of circumstances I presented him, Robert was able to compartmentalize and put a plan of action into place. Robert had a real belief in me as an individual and treated me as such. He was kind, thoughtful, intelligent and understanding. I left the initial meeting with a feeling of some hope and not quite so bad about myself personally. Robert then worked tirelessly to get the best possible result imaginable and made it happen. I had to put my work in at his instruction and everything asked of me was both beneficial personally and toward the resulting outcome. 
    Great service like this does not come without a price tag but is was the best money I have spent in a long while. Part of making a mistake is owning up to it and it does come with a cost. The resulting conclusion of my case has allowed me to move forward with my life in a positive manner and I owe that to Robert. I have never endorsed a professional in my life before this point but having been referred to Robert I feel it is important that I pass on my experience so that others may share in the same good fortune. Consider paying it forward. 
    If at any point you find yourself in the need of a professional in Robert's line of work, I cannot urge you enough to contact him and at least have the initial meeting. I am confident you will find like I needed, a caring individual who is exceptional at what he does. 
    Thank you.

    - Chris

  • Hire Rob, best decision you can make.
    Rob treated my case as if I was his only client, I could tell he put a lot of thought into everything he did to support me. I made a huge mistake and my job and my livelihood were in jeopardy, Rob took a lot of the burden off my shoulders and he helped me every step of the way. Unfortunately this was my second time going through this, my first attorney was good but Rob was GREAT. We ended up getting a better outcome than I could have ever hoped for and I have Rob to thank for this. Outside of the courtroom Rob was very concerned with getting me the mental health and substance abuse treatment I needed, he showed real concern for my personal well being. I can't recommend enough, if you are facing a DUI I truly can't imagine there is a better option out there than Rob Ault.

    - Troy

  • What a relief!
    Unfortunately after a company holiday party a few years ago I found myself needing representation. I was scared, mad at myself for being in this situation, and confused about all the ramifications I was facing. Luckily I had a friend who personally knows Robert and he got me in touch with him. When I called Rob, it was after normal business hours and he talked with me for almost an hour explaining what I was facing and how to proceed whether I hired him or not. That was refreshing as my opinion of lawyers was that they won't help until you start paying, that was not the case with Rob Ault. I hired Rob to represent me and it was the best decision I believe I could have made. He actually won the initial DOL hearing for me (which is rare I understand now), meaning I didn't lose my license for 90 days like most charged people do. Fast forward a few months, after a few court appearances and motions, I agreed to a lesser charge and began my restitution. No jail time (other than arrest night) and I never lost my license which was huge for my line of work. The best part of working with Rob was his understanding of what I was going through and willingness to "talk me off the ledge" anytime I was getting anxious. I literally consulted with Rob a dozen+ times throughout the process, sometimes just to have him reassure me that this would pass and it's not the end of the world. I will forever be in his debt for helping me cope with a bad decision that was my own fault. His impressive legal and procedural knowledge aside (and trust me he knows his stuff), the personal attention and empathy I received made all the difference. I won't find myself in this situation again, but if you do, I can't recommend Robert Ault enough. Great attorney, better person.

    - Matthew

  • Perfect Representation.... Truly lives up to his name and reputation.
    Hiring this attorney to represent me after I made a poor decision. Was definitely the best decision I made all year, and a clearly the best option for my life going forward. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He has definitely left an impression on my life and I am forever grateful to have found him. This guy is the best out there, period.

    - Aubrey

  • Knows the law.
    Rob was very knowledgeable about the law and came up with a good game plan to defend me against my arrest. He also knew what the prosecutors were going to try and do which definitely aided in my defense.

    - Mark

  • Rob was GREAT!!
    Rob was straight forward with me from the beginning with a difficult case but he always kept it positive and reassured me to keep my trust in him. After working through the process (which was a process, no doubt) he came though with a very favorable outcome. I am beyond pleased with the work he did and would definitely recommend him to a friend in a similar situation.

    - Ben

  • Great lawyer.
    Rob was referred to me by a friend and he did a great job with what I gave him to work with. Rob was there every step of the way and was available 24/7. Rob is a straight shooter and lets you know where you stand from the beginning. Rob would be the first and only attorney I would recommend!

    - David

  • DUI defense.
    Rob did a great job with a bad situation. He has cultivated relationships with judges and prosecutors for them to listen to what he's saying about his clients situation. All DUI s are not the same. Mine was serious and he did a great job minimizing the damage to me.

    - Lisa

  • Great work!
    Rob is an awesome guy, he is very professional and is exceptionally knowledgeable in the court room. He was a huge help with my case and I would recommend him to everyone I know. He let me know exactly what I needed to do and was always just a phone call away if I needed help or had any questions. He cares about his clients and makes a rough situation very manageable. I am 100% satisfied.

    - AJ

  • Exceptional attorney.
    I have worked with a number of attorneys throughout my lifetime in a number of different capacities. And I definitely consider Rob to be of the highest caliber. He went out of his way to make me feel like I wasn't just another client and that I was in good hands every step of the way. I was extremely pleased and relieved with the outcome. And I truly feel he did everything in his power to get me there.

    - Jeff

  • Rob Ault has been a blessing in my life!
    I will continue to and have already recommend Rob Ault, as an attorney to others in my situation. I sincerely believe the outcome we received would not be what it was, had he not been my attorney and on my side. He helped my life and my situation in dealing with a DUI in so many ways. My fines are minimal as are the consequences of the mistake that I made, not to say that I don't need to take responsibility for my actions. Rob has been very easy to work with, is well versed in this area of the law and accomplished quite a bit on my behalf... More so than I thought possible. I am above and beyond satisfied with Rob's ability to preform his job as one's attorney!

    - Jocelyn

  • Aggressive and detailed attorney.
    I have used Rob & recommended him to other people. Rob is one of the most dedicated & thorough professionals I have encountered. Rob was able to identify & present to the court how my constitutional rights were violated under state law & federal law. This allowed the circumstantial evidence & my encounter with police not allowed to be used by prosecutor. Rob was very skilled & well prepared on how he presented my case to the court. He is an excellent attorney & dedicated to his trade.

    - Elliott

  • A calm professional, when you need it most!
    Rob was a lifesaver. I had never been arrested in my life and he helped me during a very difficult time. His professional approach, demeanor and solution-oriented outlook helped to calm me and prepare me for my defense. The way Rob mapped out my options and shared his wisdom and perspective helped to guide me to the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Rob Ault for any DUI/DWI defense related issues.

    - Jim

  • True representation.
    I was referred to Rob Ault by a friend who actually was represented by his partner and associate. After meeting Rob for the first time and explaining the incident I was involved in, I was certain he was the right person to hire. Rob is very knowledgeable in his field of law and was able to convey to me how we would navigate through the process. He answered all my questions and concerns, and was always reachable during the process. In my particular case Rob was able to first win a critical judgment hearing. Although this was a major first step, Rob continued the hard work and was able in the end to have the case dismissed. I learned a lot during my case and there were times that were more difficult than others, but without Rob Ault's representation and knowledge my case may have gone a different direction all together. He always reassured me that we will get through it, and we did. I would highly recommend Rob Ault to anyone in need of a straight forward, knowledgeable, hard working attorney.

    - Daniel

  • DUI defense.
    I went to Rob for legal advice shortly after I was charged with a DUI. Rob went above and beyond in spending an immense amount of time on my case. He was able to get the charge reduced to a better resolution I could have ever imagined. Throughout the process, he kept me informed at a realistic level on what to expect, and how his negotiations were going with the prosecutor. Overall, everything Rob promised came to pass. I was extremely fortunate to be represented by Rob. I can't recommend him highly enough.

    - Joe

  • Very determined and proficient!!!
    My DUI case was absolutely atrocious!!!! Not just my BAC but my actions during! Rob got me a Christmas present for a deal and he was extremely helpful in more than just my case! Rob cares about his clients and for an attorney honestly I think that is rare! I know that I would personally be happy to have him represent me in any case. He if far beyond worth every penny and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to have him as my lawyer! Thanks Rob!!!

    - Jesten

  • Good experience, happy with the case outcome, highly recommended.
    Rob is definitely who you want on your side in a case. He is very thorough, honest, and quick to respond with any questions or concerns 24/7. He is definitely an expert in his areas of practice and it shows. He is also a very personable guy who helped me feel a lot less stressed out about my legal situation. I'm happy with the outcome of the case I hired him to represent me in.

    - Nathan

  • The best around!
    Hired Robert Ault to represent me on my MANY, DUIS. Mr. Ault is by far, the best attorney I have ever hired. Mr. Ault was always in contact with me and never left me uniformed on my case or any questions I had. Robert Ault reviewed every bit and piece of the evidence and with his knowledge of the law, got my DUI, reduced to a much lesser charge. I was looking at a minimum of a year in jail and loosing my license for 8 years,,, my outcome was just a day in jail and STILL driving. Like I said, "I had many DUI's,". In short, Robert Ault did a outstanding job and this has given me a new beginning...I highly recommend Mr. Robert Ault for any problem that seems a hopeless outcome, I am proof of just that. Feel free to contact me if any questions, or better yet, consult with Robert Ault in person.

    - Thomas

  • Highly recommend Mr. Ault!
    I had a difficult DUI case. My father had just passed away and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. Mr. Ault was non-judgmental and assured me all was going to turn out fine. He managed my expectations throughout the entire process, and he discussed worst case scenarios. At the end of the day my sentencing, fees and license suspension was drastically reduced. I highly recommend Mr. Ault as a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney.

    - C.S.

  • Hard working attorney obtains incredible outcome in most difficult of cases and unfavorable circumstances.

    Upon a 2nd arrest in 7 years pertaining to suspicion of DUI, I received a referral to Mr. Robert Ault from a trusted traffic attorney. Having dealt with the court system multiple times in the past, I knew I was up against a very difficult case and felt as my back was against the wall. The odds were profoundly against receiving any favorable outcome that I would be satisfied with. I knew this going into my consultation with Mr. Ault.

    I met with Mr. Ault the week of the arrest. Now I have dealt with many attorneys in the past and for the most part they were all the same. They would say just about anything up front to get you signed on. Once the checks start rolling in your case doesn't seem so clear cut and they don't seem so confident in your defense anymore. During my initial meeting with Mr. Ault I could tell that he was quite different.

    Mr. Ault was honest and very straight forward with me. He expressed how difficult my case was and explained to me the possible and likely scenario of where my case would end up. He did not try to oversell himself or the case but was rather blunt and honest. I liked this about him. I didn't feel like he was trying to string me along, give me false hope and lead me to believe that this would all just disappear like some attorneys I encountered previously. Needless to say, I hired Mr. Ault.

    The case dragged on for what seemed like forever, enduring multiple continuances. This was due to the very specific circumstances in my case and in the end, was for the greater good of the case. It wasn't easy, as like with most people, I wanted it to be over with and move on from this very trying time in my life. Mr. Ault was there every step of the way and in ways other attorneys are not (or at least haven't been in the past).

    Again, he was very honest and did not sugarcoat the situation. He would often check in with me to see how things were going and to give me updates pertaining to the case. In the dozen or so times we met, he was always on time and showed up in person, never sending a colleague to fill in for him. He personally would return every one of my phone calls the day of, often within the hour. This stuff may seem like a given, but let me tell you first hand, with many attorneys it certainly isn't

    For some time, it was looking like the case was going to go to trial. All the while Mr. Ault continued to speak with and attempt to resolve the case with the prosecutor. Mind you, this was a 2nd arrest in 7 years, which are rarely ever resolved with a plea deal for a lesser charge. As the case was looking like it was coming to a head and we were set for jury selection, I was nervous beyond belief. Then a week or so before court I received a call I never expected and was certain would never receive; Mr. Ault had got the case reduced to a lesser charge. I couldn't barely believe it. That was the best phone call I had received in years. And was the most relieved I had felt in a very long time. I immediately felt the weight lifted from my shoulders and the stress, tension and anxiety that had been building, flutter away.

    Mr. Ault was able to bring about a resolution that he himself saw unlikely and told me was improbable. See, in my experience most attorneys tell you they can do something for you and fall short. Not Mr. Ault, he delivers. And he came through for me in a big way. Not just because he was able to obtain an incredible outcome for me in a very difficult case and under unfavorable circumstances, but because he was honest and forthcoming, dependable and reliable. He saw this case through to the end, never yielding but sacrificing his time and resources to fight for a resolution he believed to be unlikely.

    I have never had, heard nor seen of any attorney work so hard for their client as Mr. Robert Ault did for me. He has my unwavering support and complete endorsement. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking counsel for DUI/DWI defense.

    - Geoff

  • Nothing short of amazing!
    This was my first (only) DUI. The process was new and a lot of times confusing/stressful. Rob and his assistant Karen were nothing short of amazing. Always prompt in answering ANY question and pretty much held my hand through the entire process. I needed that. I am so grateful I chose to hire Rob, he got my DUI dropped and deferred. This guy knows what he's doing! Thanks again, you guys!

    - JW

  • One of the best attorney's in the Seattle area.
    Robert Ault represented my son, Cory, who has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome. Because Cory had a flat tire, he called AAA to get the spare on his vehicle. Because his vehicle was all wheel drive, it would swerve in the lane. This was mistaken for "drunk driving" and Cory was pulled over by a police officer. Because of Cory's Asperger's syndrome, he could not communicate effectively with the officer and the officer abruptly handcuffed Cory with his arms behind his back. Cory tried to communicate with the officer to let him know that his hands were cuffed so tightly that he could not get into the officer's vehicle. The officer then removed the handcuffs and then re-handcuffed him with his hands in the front. While Cory was in the police station, the people towed his vehicle. It cost over $300 to get his vehicle out of the yard. This ordeal cost well over $5K all in all, but because of Robert Ault, and his belief in Cory, who was and is still a college student, we know that we were incredibly fortunate to have him represent Cory. We both highly recommend Robert Ault to anybody with a DUI and even though Cory was not intoxicated, we still needed strong representation. Don't go to any other attorney. Robert Ault is the only choice to handle your delicate case as he will serve you well. Signed Soraya & Cory.

    - Soraya

  • Upfront and a pleasure to work with.
    I was referred to Veitch law firm from a friend. I believe Robert Ault has taken over the Western Washington operations. Dealing with the county and district court is a nightmare. It's the most inefficient process. Robert was always upfront about the "dance" that had to occur in going to court. This was very helpful. I appreciated that Robert works very well not only with other attorneys but also with the court staff. He seems to be well respected and well known among them. He has a good charm with him that I think can only help your case. There was pretty incriminating footage of my arrest from the dash cam of the car. He was honest and up front about the situation I was in. We actually had a good shot at dismissal a couple of times based on the judge's ruling. He is socially intelligent and knows how to work with the various judges and their personality styles. I ended up with a Reckless Driving on my record for a 1st offence. Given the climate in the court and the politics occurring in the region, I felt this was a fair result. If Robert has an opportunity to go toe to toe with the prosecutor, this is really where Robert shines. He knows the law, he knows how to talk with people, he knows how to probe questions and he knows what to do and when to do it. He is a busy guy as most attorneys are. That can be challenging but you shouldn't worry in working with Robert. He and the rest of his staff are great.

    - Frank