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Negligent driving is a less serious offense than reckless driving, but it’s still a criminal offense. That means you can spend time in jail, pay expensive fines, and face other penalties as a result of a negligent driving conviction. If you are facing these charges, you need an experienced attorney to help you protect your rights and fight for a better outcome.

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What Is Negligent Driving in Washington State?

Negligent driving is any operation of a motor vehicle that is both negligent and endangers (or is likely to endanger) any person or property. In this case, Washington State law states that “negligent” means that the motorist failed to exercise ordinary care in the operation of the vehicle and was doing something that a person acting reasonably and carefully would not do in a similar situation.

There are two degrees of negligent driving, with the primary difference between them being whether or not alcohol or drugs may have been involved.

First-Degree Negligent Driving: When Alcohol or Drugs Are Involved

Those charged with first-degree negligent driving are not only accused of erratic or dangerous driving, they are accused of doing so while exhibited the effects of consuming alcohol, marijuana, or any other drug.

In many cases, people are arrested for negligent driving when their driving was perceived to be dangerous but their blood alcohol content (BAC) fell below the .08 legal limit. This means that beating a breathalyzer doesn’t always mean your night will end without an arrest.

If you were arrested for first-degree negligent driving, refuse to answer any of the investigators’ questions until you’ve contacted a negligent driving attorney in Bellevue. At Veitch Ault & Associates, we can help you protect your rights during the investigation and defend against any charges pressed against you.

Amending Down a DUI

If you are initially charged with a DUI, it’s possible to amend your charges down to First-Degree Negligent Driving with a plea bargain. Although this is not everyone’s favorite option, it can help some avoid the severe penalties and consequences that a DUI conviction can have upon their lives.

Negotiating any such agreement, however, requires the skill and competency our attorney has built across many years of experience. Be sure to reach out to Veitch Ault & Associates as soon as possible to see how our negligent driving attorney in Bellevue may be able to help.

What are the Penalties for Negligent Driving?

At Veitch Ault & Associates, we represent clients facing criminal charges of various kinds. Some of these are very severe, while others may be less serious but still considerable. Negligent driving is one of these charges because a conviction can mean spending up to 90 days in jail and facing a $1,000 fine. If you need help from a negligent driving attorney in Bellevue, turn to Veitch Ault & Associates and our 35+ years of experience to help you secure the best possible outcome.

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We have a lot to offer current and potential clients here at Veitch Ault & Associates. With more than 30+ years of combined experience, we have been able to secure favorable outcomes for clients charged with a wide variety of crimes.

Some of these outcomes have included dropped charges, reduced charges, case dismissals, and acquittals. No attorney can guarantee results, but we’re confident that our personalized approach to legal service is what helps us make a difference in the outcomes of our clients’ legal challenges.

If you want to see what our negligent driving attorney in Bellevue can do for you, get in touch with us as soon as possible to request a consultation.

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