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Client Recommendatons

This is Your Guy!

Robert Ault did an excellent job representing our college student throughout all the phases of a difficult case over the past year with a DUI charge and plea of not guilty. He was extremely supportive and thoughtful during a very painful and stressful time for all of us. He worked with our college student, and kept us well-informed. He was realistic and honest about the challenges of the case. I appreciated his honesty as it would do us no good to believe something other than the truth just to get our business (as we experienced with some attorneys we considered hiring). We were so shocked and confused and didn't know what to do when this first happened. We started by contacting different attorneys. He walked us through the whole process on the first phone call. I am so grateful he was one of the attorneys we contacted. We subsequently interviewed several attorneys at length before deciding he was the BEST. None of the others compared to him, but we wanted to do our due diligence in hiring because we knew the outcome could be devastating; and we had no experience with this process (And we never want to have this experience again). He was so knowledgeable about all the aspects of the case, system, venue, and strategies he implemented. We could not be more pleased with the OUTCOME where he was able to masterfully negotiate to a reckless driving charge. This outcome was an answer to prayer. We didn't want a life ruined in what proves to be a labyrinth of a system that no one should attempt to face without representation. He stuck with us even though there were variables that made this case more complex including age, rate of speed, and being in a district court where these types of cases are exceptionally difficult to litigate. We would not have this outcome without him and his expert counsel. His fee was more than fair, and hiring him was worth every penny. He is just an all-around great attorney and person. I wish we'd met under other circumstances. Trust me, I was more thorough in exploring who to hire than probably any other client and most likely more anxious than anyone he's encountered. Others who have to hire an attorney can benefit from my leg work. This is your guy!
– a client

Exceptional Representation

Veitch Ault & Associates offers exceptional representation for those charged with any misdemeanor offense from DUI and serious traffic matters, to DV-Assault.