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Hard Working Attorney Obtains Incredible Outcome in Most Difficult of Cases and Unfavorable Circumstances

Upon a 2nd arrest in 7 years pertaining to suspicion of DUI, I received a referral to Mr. Robert Ault from a trusted traffic attorney. Having dealt with the court system multiple times in the past, I knew I was up against a very difficult case and felt as my back was against the wall. The odds were profoundly against receiving any favorable outcome that I would be satisfied with. I knew this going into my consultation with Mr. Ault.

I met with Mr. Ault the week of the arrest. Now I have dealt with many attorneys in the past and for the most part they were all the same. They would say just about anything up front to get you signed on. Once the checks start rolling in your case doesn't seem so clear cut and they don't seem so confident in your defense anymore. During my initial meeting with Mr. Ault I could tell that he was quite different.

Mr. Ault was honest and very straight forward with me. He expressed how difficult my case was and explained to me the possible and likely scenario of where my case would end up. He did not try to oversell himself or the case but was rather blunt and honest. I liked this about him. I didn't feel like he was trying to string me along, give me false hope and lead me to believe that this would all just disappear like some attorneys I encountered previously. Needless to say, I hired Mr. Ault.

The case dragged on for what seemed like forever, enduring multiple continuances. This was due to the very specific circumstances in my case and in the end, was for the greater good of the case. It wasn't easy, as like with most people, I wanted it to be over with and move on from this very trying time in my life. Mr. Ault was there every step of the way and in ways other attorneys are not (or atleast haven't been in the past).

Again, he was very honest and did not sugarcoat the situation. He would often check in with me to see how things were going and to give me updates pertaining to the case. In the dozen or so times we met, he was always on time and showed up in person, never sending a colleague to fill in for him. He personally would return every one of my phone calls the day of, often within the hour. This stuff may seem like a given, but let me tell you first hand, with many attorneys it certainly isn't

For some time, it was looking like the case was going to go to trial. All the while Mr. Ault continued to speak with and attempt to resolve the case with the prosecutor. Mind you, this was a 2nd arrest in 7 years, which are rarely ever resolved with a plea deal for a lesser charge. As the case was looking like it was coming to a head and we were set for jury selection, I was nervous beyond belief. Then a week or so before court I received a call I never expected and was certain would never receive; Mr. Ault had got the case reduced to a lesser charge. I couldn't barely believe it. That was the best phone call I had received in years. And was the most relieved I had felt in a very long time. I immediately felt the weight lifted from my shoulders and the stress, tension and anxiety that had been building, flutter away.

Mr. Ault was able to bring about a resolution that he himself saw unlikely and told me was improbable. See, in my experience most attorneys tell you they can do something for you and fall short. Not Mr. Ault, he delivers. And he came through for me in a big way. Not just because he was able to obtain an incredible outcome for me in a very difficult case and under unfavorable circumstances, but because he was honest and forthcoming, dependable and reliable. He saw this case through to the end, never yielding but sacrificing his time and resources to fight for a resolution he believed to be unlikely.

I have never had, heard nor seen of any attorney work so hard for their client as Mr. Robert Ault did for me. He has my unwavering support and complete endorsement. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking counsel for DUI/DWI defense.

– Geoff

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