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Distracted Driving v. Drunk Driving in Washington State

Distracted Driving v. Drunk Driving in Washington State

Posted by Robert J. Ault on Jan 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

I recently came across the following article: Such briefly touches upon the notion that law enforcement officers in Washington State have become frustrated with the limited effect of distracted driving laws currently in place. While distracted driving (i.e. texting , surfing the internet, etc…) is obviously different that driving while under the influence, the purpose of regulating each of these behaviors is identical: to keep people on the road safe.

As stated before, taking part in any activity that has the potential of negatively affecting one's ability to operate a motor vehicle is a terrible idea. Many of us tend to forget how easy it is for drivers to cause significant harm to other people on the roadway for even minor acts of negligence. I mention the above-entitled article because our legislature's lack of attention pertaining to distracted driving is nothing short of asinine. Each and every legislative session, lawmakers spend countless hours drafting and proposing laws that routinely fail to accomplish the goal of reducing traffic fatalities/injuries in our state. Yet distracted driving, an activity that has been found to be even more dangerous than driving while intoxicated, is neither regulated or enforced. All of this is further evidence of our state's  “Demonization of DUI.”  Washington State lawmakers would be smart to research and implement laws against distracted driving that can be regulated and enforced.  If keeping our roadways safe is as important to our state's lawmakers as they claim it to be, there is no reason to not spend the same amount of time and resources regulating and enforcing distracted driving as we do on that of driving under the influence.

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