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Criminal Expertise

In Washington, all gross misdemeanors carry the possible punishment of up to a year in jail and a $5000.00 fine. Some serious misdemeanors, other than DUI, also carry mandatory jail time:

  • Driving while suspended in the 1st degree
  • Some non-DUI's can also carry mandatory driver's license suspensions:
  • Driving while suspended in the 1st and 2nd degrees
  • Reckless driving
  • Minor consumption and/or possession of alcohol
  • Minor driving after consumption > .02 (administrative suspension)

Some non-traffic misdemeanors can also carry the loss of your right to keep and bear arms:

  • Domestic Assault

At Veitch Ault & Associates, we are proud of our exceptional reputation in the area of DUI Defense, but we are equally capable to provide the same exceptional representation for all misdemeanor violations. Please call Veitch Ault & Associates if you are faced with any of the misdemeanor charges listed below.

  • Driving while license suspended 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree
  • Boating under the Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Reckless Endangerment
  • Negligent Driving 1st degree
  • Assault 4th degree
  • Assault 4th degree-domestic violence
  • Criminal Trespass/Criminal Mischief
  • Violation of no-contact or PFA Orders
  • Theft <$250 and shoplifting
  • Prostitution and/or patronizing a prostitute

Exceptional Representation

Veitch Ault & Associates offers exceptional representation for those charged with any misdemeanor offense from DUI and serious traffic matters, to DV-Assault.