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    Defendant refused FST and BAC.  Further, the defendant admitted consuming liquor and told the arresting officer that there was vodka in the open container on the center console.  The defense called 7 witnesses to the stand, including a Medical Expert.  Jury deliberated for less than 10 minutes an... Read On


    NOT GUILTY after trial. Snohomish County Cascade Division. Third Offense with a .07 BAC result. Defendant was allegedly stopped due to erratic driving and arrested upon completion of FSTs. The State would not negotiate due to the Defendant's prior record and not guilty verdict in another matter. Read On

  • City of Seattle v. Jane Doe (CASE DISMISSED)

    Dismissed-First Offense Refusal dismissed by the Court following Pretrial Motions hearing for lack of probable cause to stop and/or arrest. Read On

  • State v. L.S. (CASE DISMISSED)

    OAK HARBOR DISTRICT COURT. Defendant was on a Deferred Prosecution in another Court when this case arose. Prosecutor would not negotiate so we were forced to litigate and the Court dismissed the case for lack of probable cause to arrest after we were able to suppress PBT and HGN evidence supporting the arrest on foundational grounds. Deferred Prosecution not revoked by other court!! Read On

  • City of Seattle v. John Doe (DUI Reduced to Traffic Ticket)

    Seattle Municipal Court first offense .197 BAC. Due to proof problems that we identified to the Prosecutor, the case was reduced from criminal charge entirely, to the traffic infraction of Negligent Driving 2nd Degree. DOL suspension was reversed and Dismissed. Read On

  • State v. G.G. (2 DUI Charges Reduced & DOL Reversed Twice on Appeal)

    2 CASES REDUCED! Client was charged with two separate incidents of DUI in the same year. Ist offense .142 and second offense .128. Both cases were reduced to Negligent Driving with both DOL proceedings REVERSED AND DISMISSED. Read On

  • State v. J.D. (Chelan County-Charge Reduced & DOL Reversed on Appeal)

    CHELAN COUNTY DISTRICT Court first offense accident with Refusal. Due to proof problems that we identified to the Prosecutor, the case was reduced from DUI to the lesser offense of Negligent Driving 1st Degree. DOL suspension was reversed and Dismissed. Read On

  • City of Kirkland v. J.L. (CASE DISMISSED)

    Minor DUI charge was dismissed pursuant to City’s motion after negotiations with defense counsel. Read On

  • State v. C.P. (2 Criminal Charges Amended to 1 Traffic Infraction)

    First offense .134 BAC result. All criminal charges were removed and the case was resolved by admitting a simple traffic infraction of Negligent Driving 2nd Degree. Read On

  • State v. A.M. (CASE DISMISSED)

    Second Offense .12. Defendant was stopped for an equipment violation only that led to a DUI investigation and arrest. We challenged the officer's ability to require the defendant to exit the car and perform FSTS where no evidence of a crime was present. CASE DISMISSED after Pretrial Motions on th... Read On

  • City of Mountlake Terrace v. C.O. (2nd Offense Reduced & DOL Dismissed)

    This was a 2nd Offense refusal case where the defendant claimed that he had made an earnest attempt to provide a sample of his breath, but the officer called it a refusal. We obtained an expert witness to review the BAC machine records pertaining to the defendant's test and were able to suppress ... Read On

  • City of Sumner v. E.S. (CASE DISMISSED)

    2nd Offense. The Defendant had allegedly driven his vehicle into a ditch, however the officer was not able to establish when the driving occurred, if the defendant was actually the driver, whether the defendant had left the scene and/or consumed alcohol after the accident and most importantly, wh... Read On


    The Defendant was stopped by the City of Duvall Police outside of their jurisdiction in Carnation. While the criminal case was properly reduced and disposed of by the prosecutor, the DOL upheld the 1 year revocation of D.M.'s license. We appealed on the grounds that the DOL did not have sufficien... Read On

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