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Oklahoma State Tragedy in relation to Washington DUI Defense

I came across an article from the Washington Post in my Archives ( & wanted to pass such on, as it relates to yesterday's post & is pertinent to those accused of DUI in the City of Seattle. 

At 10:31 a.m. on October 24, 2015, a female reportedly "drove her 2014 Hyundai Elantra into an unmanned police motorcycle before careening into the crowd of spectators" at Oklahoma State University's Homecoming parade. Such resulted in nearly the death of 4 spectators along with nearly 50 others being injured. The 25 year-old driver, who has suffered with mental illness for years, was unscathed. However, she was accused of Driving Under the Influence and formally charged with 4 counts of Second Degree Murder.

Stillwater Police Captain, Kyle Gibbs, said authorities believe [the female driver] was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Gibbs told ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday that authorities haven't seen signs of mental illness in Chambers, though she has made no statements to investigators so far."  Gibbs further stated, "Essentially you have someone driving under the influence and they end up killing four persons. That's the reason for that homicide charge." Despite the captain's comments, the driver's blood results came back just one-month later revealing a mere .001 alcohol reading and NO presence of impairing drugs or medication.

This is incident was an ABSOLUTE tragedy, without question. However, the media and law enforcement's  knee-jerk reaction that the driver MUST have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs sheds light on the notion that we, as citizens, are not necessarily presumed innocent when it comes to DUI charges. This rings as true here in Seattle as it does in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The attorneys at Veitch Ault & Associates focus in the defense of DUI and other serious traffic violations. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI in Washington State, contact Veitch Ault & Associates immediately (425-452-1600) to make sure one is given the best chance possible to defend themselves.

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