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Client Recommendatons

So thankful for Rob's help

I was referred to Robert Ault through a friend. I was taken to court for a DUI charge and knew I wouldn't be able to fight it myself, so I decided to go meet with Rob. He immediately put me at ease and made me much more confident in my case. He was wonderful at communicating throughout the entire process, answering any and all questions I had (especially since I had never been in this type of situation before and was pretty scared). We ended up settling on a Reckless Driving conviction and I had to go to some drug and alcohol classes, pay some money for charges, and do some community service which is way better than possible jail time and a DUI conviction. Even though going to court for a DUI was one of the worst and most embarrassing experiences of my life, Rob made it much more bearable and got me the best deal possible after all was said and done.

– Anonymous

Exceptional Representation

Veitch Ault & Associates offers exceptional representation for those charged with any misdemeanor offense from DUI and serious traffic matters, to DV-Assault.