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Client Recommendatons

Knowledgeable straight shooter

I was just arrested for my 2nd offense within 7 years. This was especially tough because I refused a breathalyzer and was driving horrendously. I was bracing for the worst because of a terrible decision I made. While I was in jail over the weekend my father hired Mr. Ault. He came that Monday morning to the jail and got me out as soon as he could. From here it was an uphill battle. My favorite part about working with Rob was that he never promised me anything he couldn't deliver. (He didn't promise me that I'd be off without repercussions just to take money.) He told me right away there's certain things I need to do and follow in order to get a good ruling. He was always on top of what needed to be done and his staff was always giving me reminder phone calls, just in case I forgot anything. You should hire Rob if you like working with a very knowledgeable straight shooter, who isn't just going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

– a client

Exceptional Representation

Veitch Ault & Associates offers exceptional representation for those charged with any misdemeanor offense from DUI and serious traffic matters, to DV-Assault.