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Client Recommendatons

Straightforward, excellent, empathetic attorney that I was proud to have by my side

My blood alcohol level at the time of my arrest was extremely high. As someone who has never gotten into trouble, my situation was a very scary one for me. But I am one who trusts my gut, and I had a really good feeling when I walked into Rob's office. He listened, he was patient, and he spelled out the facts. He didn't promise the world, but he did end up delivering it. Rob gave me all the right advice and explained to me how to be proactive and prepare myself for court. I carefully followed all his advice and when I stood up in front of the judge, even he commended Rob on how well I had been prepared. What struck me in the courtroom; however, was the respect shown towards Rob by his peers - from the prosecutor and other lawyers. Rob wasn't just another DUI lawyer; he was an established and well-respected attorney whose peers acknowledged him with respect. Rob successfully fought my DUI down to a Reckless Driving charge, and soon it will be dismissed off my record. I am extremely grateful for everything that Rob did to make a terrible event into an excellent learning experience and a memory that I can now look back on.

– a client

Exceptional Representation

Veitch Ault & Associates offers exceptional representation for those charged with any misdemeanor offense from DUI and serious traffic matters, to DV-Assault.